Chris Crocker: “Porn Stars are not Sex Freak Robots.”

People can do porn and still be in touch with their emotions. People can do porn and have their soul remain in tact.

I can seperate my sexuality from the things that matter.

It is healthier to own your sexuality - the sexual animal in all of us - and let it be free, rather than to compartmentalize and push it away. We all have desires. If anything, being in touch with those makes you a more well-balanced adult.

My real life and the things that matter to be are not sex-centric.

I love family. I love love. I love music. I love writing. I love poetry.

I am not a sex robot.

You just see the sex because you think I’m one dimensional

when really it’s you without the capacity to see people as more than sexual objects once you’ve seen us have sex in porn.

Do you not see it says more about you and how you objectify us, rather than how we have participated in objectifying ourselves?

Has it never dawned on you that liberating ourselves sexually

actually makes sex in our real lives LESS of a desire?

I’m not asking you to respect me. I’m telling you.

and the three words you’ve been waiting for to finish this message off: Leave Pornstars Alone.

-Chris Fucking Crocker

My new therapeutic exercise I’m trying out. I’m calling it #SilentShade, where I say how I feel without speaking.